We create data visualization experiences aimed at memorability, explanative power, and data exploration.

Stage 1: Story Finding

With various data exploration methods we will uncover interesting perspectives from datasets. Uncovered stories will be validated by client-expertise. Lastly, an extra effort will be made to put the findings in bigger context.

Stage 2: Ideation

Brainstorm sessions will be held to identify the best way to tell the discovered stories. We will decide which medium and features are most fitting with the visualization product: web, PC, interactive, print, 3D, and more.

Stage 3: Prototyping & Validation

Early prototypes will be made to validate their quality and usability. This is the moment to finetune the product design.

Stage 4: Production

When a resolution on the product design is found, the product will be produced. Along the way, the client will be kept into the loop to provide their valuable feedback.

Stage 5: Delivery

When the final product is validated by the client, the product will be made ready to be delivered. The final product will be accompanied by a guide and report.

Case: Stakeholder Mapping

Helping Rijkswaterstaat creating an overview of their stakeholders with easy interactions. More.