We help businesses with building data products that are tailor-made for them. We make use of design methods, created for developing innovation that includes the business model and the business context.

Stage 1: Initial Research

In this stage we delve deep into what your business consists of and what the context of the to-be-designed product looks like.

Stage 2: Domain Exploration

We actively explore the specific domain of the to-be-designed product to increase, gather, and share our knowledge. Activities include: brainstorms, literature research, social research, problem validation, user interviews, early prototyping, data exploration, and more.

Stage 3: Design/Test Value Proposition

Multiple problems and solutions will be tested on their real-world validity to estimate the problem-solution fit. User validation interviews will be conducted. When a Value Proposition is validated, good. If not, also good; in this case valuable resources don’t have to be spend on an unwanted product.

Stage 4: Proof-of-Concept Prototyping

If needed, proof-of-concepts will be made to validate if the needed technologies work. If the Domain Exploration of Stage 2 is done thoroughly enough, this stage can often be skipped.

Stage 5: Delivery & Advice

The final product will consist of concise advice of actions-to-be-taken, thorough documentation with clear visual explanation, and produced prototypes.

Case: De Notulen

Gathering data from Rijkswaterstaat breakthrough-sessions and producing a data-driven narrative for post-session consumption. More.